I.E.S LAALOU INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS (Laalou I.E.S) is a member of BL GROUP, a family enterprise owned by Mr. BAKKOUR LAALOU which has been established in the early 1960s. From the beginning, the group rapidly grew to become a significant player in the Syrian economy due to the different types of activities it does such as construction, producing vegetable oil, agriculture and manufacturing domestic appliances.


In 1998, and to enlarge its business area, the BL group decided to start a trading company under the name Laalou I.E.S which is concerned with marketing industrial electrical products. Laalou I.E.S became a leading company in that field and it has now good status in distributing electrical industrial systems, and also has a very good and strong base for such type of work thanks to the highly trained technical and commercial teams, which cover more than 120 dealers in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon.


Laalou I.E.S was able to build a good reputation for its partners and products in a relatively short period of time, and soon Laalou I.E.S’s partners gained a noticeable share of the Syrian market in this field.

Annually, Laalou I.E.S had become a remarkable exhibitor in the SIMA fair held in Damascus from 2003 and after.

In 2011 and after, Laalou I.E.S insist to proceed with its activities by supplying the customers with all their needs despite the storm that strikes the Syrian economy because of the Syrian crisis.

Laalou I.E.S’s customers are invited to visit its pavilion at the annual ELECTRATECH exhibition at the fairground in Damascus between the 27th and the 31st of May to see the latest technologies in the field.


be-green-logoThe problems of environmental pollution in addition to the numerous hazards besetting our planet Earth have made the company aware of the simple principle: any successful business must take into account first the environment in which we live. And as it is no secret that a great deal of pollution comes from industry, the company felt somehow responsible for contributing to this contamination, therefore Laalou I.E.S has worked along with its European and Asian partners in compliance with the group slogan “Be Green”.

All of Laalou I.E.S’s partners have signed the declaration of RoHS compliance; moreover, they are keen to manufacture products with a high rate of mean life expectancy out of substances that can be easily recycled.

As the industrial areas being extended more and more, and with new industrial areas being under construction in Syria, the demand for industrial automation components is increasing rapidly. Therefore, at the time being our company’s development is aimed to extend the sphere of distribution and maintain our commitment towards our clients with carefully selected partners.

Laalou I.E.S wants to contribute to the stage of reconstruction that will be in Syria by establishing more than one useful project like one of the biggest factories in Syria dedicated to producing and distributing electrical panels.